Talks I’ve given here and there

Enterprise & Platforms & Regulation, oh my!

2021 Nov

A talk on enterprise, platform, and regulatory challenges in product design. Presentation and Q&A session in November 2021 at the Groktalk series hosted by Groksmith in Yerevan, Armenia.

Chain of Custody

2019 Nov

Short talk at a Vineti-hosted health tech event, on some challenges and solution patterns around chain of custody in cell therapy treatments.

Parsing UX Design

2015 Oct

Breaking down UX titles and design process, a presentation and Q&A session at #createTogether conference in Yerevan, Armenia.

Design for Conversion

2014 Mar

Short presentation on common conversion flow patterns and approaches for tackling them.

Designers @ Hackathons

2013 May

Talk at the IxDA event UX in Space, Vol 2, an event for design challenges in unusual contexts.