In collaboration with V Scobba, M Butler, V Kitiona, S Paschall.

Goal: Redesign internal market research tool

Problem: Internal market research ignored

A large software company invests a great deal in internal market research, yet their Market Research Division’s intranet page is underutilized and plagued with usability issues. We must balance the needs of researchers creating original research with the needs of employees seeking it out.



Our requirements were to (1) make the Market Research page the authoritative source of research within the compani - none of that Forrester stuff, (2) Promote the internal researchers, and (3) Effectively disseminate the researchers insights.



Personas, user flow, and derived sitemap.


Solution: Market Research Explorer

Our solution blends the needs of the content creators and searchers. A faceted search capability meets searcher needs, backed by a metadata built on existing categories with limited social tagging. Researchers in turn are given prominence for the core insights generated from their research, which are a distinct content type. The homepage allows customizability for easy refernce of new research in areas relevant to the individual user.