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UX team-of-one

2012-2013 | San Francisco

#mobile, #plugin, #smb

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Addvocate | UX Director SF ‘12-‘13 Enterprise social media enablement. Designed & prototyped cross-channel apps, research, marketing site. #plugin #mobile

Context. First designer on 5-person startup team.

Project. Design approach for startup concept, zero to launch, through enterprise and SMB pivots.

Outcome. Launched and onboarded SMB customers, mobile app prototypes, hired my replacement.

Project areas

Design strategy. Exploring high level approaches + scoping areas of design needs.

Share content. Prototyping a primary activity flow of sharing content across internal and external networks.

Marketing site & onboarding. Directing marketing site design (via agency) + design and testing a gamified signup process.

Product management. Product roadmap planning and visualization for team alignment.

Consume & engage. Prototyping other primary user activity of reading and interacting with user posts.

Mobile apps. Initial designs and prototyping for Android and iOS apps.

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